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6 Relatively Easy Tips To Prep Your Property For The Market.

Greeting, readers of Rendez Vous!  Anyone will tell you that you only have one chance to make a first impression.  With that in mind, here are 6 relatively easy tips to prep your property for the market.

1. New paint job – A fresh coat of paint will add some zing to any room, as well as get rid of any unsightly scuffs or scratches. Make sure to choose a colour that isn’t considered unusual, so no purple or orange. Muted colours such as beige or off-white work best.

2. De-personalize the house – Put away family photos, trophies, unusual art pieces, etc. These distract the buyer and make it difficult for him or her to visualize the property as their own. Store them in a place that’s out of the way, such as a closet or garage.

3. Declutter! – This is crucial when putting your home on the market. Free up the kitchen counter as much as possible, clear the coffee table of mugs and old magazines. Take the time to make your home look NEAT!

4. Let there be light – Make sure that all the lights in the house are functional. Replace any burnt bulbs and see to it that there is no furniture blocking the windows. When having a buyer view your home, open the curtains and turn the lights on!

5. Minor repairs – Squeaky doors, leaky faucets, loose doorknobs. These are all relatively inexpensive fixes that should be done before putting your house up for sale.

6. Finally, spruce up the yard! Mow the lawn regularly while the house is on the market. Trim overgrown hedges and clear the area of any kids’ toys or excess lawn furniture.

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